A softer and safer cotton fabric.

Baby clothes, bedding, bath towels and other fabric products made from organic cotton are extremely soft and fluffy. Wonderful, these are colored with natural dyes. Eco-friendly, choosing organic cotton products is the way to ensure that you are doing your part by not patronizing products that increase the risks of the exposure of agricultural industry workers and those who live in the area to chemicals.

One of the reasons why many people detox their cabinet by buying organic cotton products is to reduce the incidents of skin allergies. The redness of the skin might be caused by the clothing and other fabric material like bedding that touches it. Babies and some people have sensitive skin and to ensure that it doesn’t get irritated, there are those who use a natural fabric.

Organic Cotton Towels

Instead of treating the fabric with synthetic softeners that are heavily perfumed to achieve the desired softness, use organic cotton products like these beautiful towels.

What kind of cotton material are you using? Did you know that some cotton plants are heavily sprayed with pesticides and are treated with formaldehyde to preserve the dye?

Organic cotton is the only one that is free from toxic chemicals. Planted and grown with the aid of beneficial insects, and harvested to be woven with the pursuit of excellence, the best organic cotton fabric products are certified as they meet world standard.

Made from Organic Cotton

Coyuchi Organic Bedding and their other cotton products are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Cotton that is made into willow weave, smooth sateen, brushed flannel, and pintuck percale are a few of the examples of what kind of fabric make you can expect from the bedding, robes, sleepwear, and baby clothes of Coyuchi.

Bath collections and shower curtains that bring the difference of organic cotton and natural linen into your life.

Before fabric was mass produced, it was done with the similar method Coyuchi creates their products today. Yet, you can expect these items to be much better as the brand of Coyuchi brings to residential homes and hotels the whisper of the softness that nature’s best can bring.

Enjoy the experience that only organic cotton may give you and your family. The true comfort and cool feeling of cotton may be yours the whole day and night.

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