Beds and pillows have micro-toxins and may have dust mites, bed bugs, and allergens and these may get wet from pee. CleanRest has the bedding sets and covers that protect and provides comfort with their special fabric like never before experience with any other kind of bedding.

How do you know you need CleanRest beddings and covers? If one gets itchy, has small bites or rashes, suffers from allergy or sneezes while in bed, and the bed and pillows have a certain undesirable smell, or the person lying on the bed needs to wear diapers or has bed wetting issues, one needs CleanRest protection. If these problems are to be avoided, one needs CleanRest prevention.

CleanRest products are made from a fabric that has a weave which is so tiny that the micro-toxins, allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, and water will not penetrate it. This fabric is soft, comfortable, and breathable while providing the maximum protection.

CleanRest has mattress encasements, pillow encasements, allergy free pillows,travel pillows, and duvet encasements and these covers provide 360 degree protection, unlike most protective sheets that just cover the top and side of a mattress and a pillow case that still has an opening. CleanRest has the medically effective allergy bedding-barrier products that ensures the best protection and comfort possible for the person who uses it.

Those protective sheets encase a mattress to stop bed bugs and other micro-toxins. Those are not comfortable and it requires another sheet to be place. CleanRest has the ultimate beddings, pillow cases, and other covers to make sure that what one rests on is really clean and has the comfort that advance technology can provide.

Take a closer look at CleanRest products and compare these to what you use right now to be able to make a studied decision of what beddings to keep or replace for protection and if it is time to upgrade the kind of fabric that you use.

Bed Bug Bedding Set