Sleeping time is immensely important to everybody. It is the time when the whole body is able to relax and recover from a whole day’s stress and workload, and is essential to living a truly healthy lifestyle. But what if instead of looking forward to sleeping, you had to dread it each day? Allergy-sufferers experience a wide range of discomforts during sleeping time, from simple itches to great difficulty breathing, preventing them from enjoying a good night’s rest. The good news is they can now get the quality of sleep they have always wanted with Clean Rest, a complete line of sleeping products providing the highest level of protection against allergens.

What separates Clean Rest from ordinary sleeping products is the patented MicronOne® fabric it is made of. The extremely tiny weave of this material makes it impenetrable by microscopic toxins, dust mites and liquids. And there are covers available for bed bug protection, too. It’s a simple idea that provides huge benefits. By keeping bed bugs, dust mites and micro-toxins away from you, you are able to sleep uninterrupted, with no itchy eyes, rashes, wheezing, and fear of asthma attacks. The spill-proof material of Clean Rest also keeps beds hygienic even for young children who still wet the bed. It keeps liquids from penetrating the covers, allowing your child to continually sleep on a clean mattress each night despite bedtime accidents.

Will Clean Rest only protect you during bedtime, though? No. In fact, Clean Rest carries covers for furniture, so you can also relax as you rest on your favorite sofa or recliner. You may also want dress your windows with Clean Rest window panels. These allow you to enjoy fresh air, minus the dust mites, mold spore, pollen and pet dander.

The benefits of getting a good night’s rest are many: improved memory, emotional well-being, healthy weight and even a longer lifespan, just to name a few. Conversely, a lack of sleep has many negative effects on people of all ages, including the deterioration of cardiovascular health, a weakened immune system and decreased performance at work and school. If something as easy as changing your bed’s covers and casing can improve your sleep, why not do it today? Clean Rest products can easily be purchased online using a virtual Shopping Cart. Registered members may even save their Shopping Cart and review their previous orders.

It is so easy to get quality rest and an overall healthier lifestyle with Clean Rest. Try Clean Rest today and enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep every day!