Clean N Green Laundry BallHaving clean clothes with no detergent consumption seems quite impossible, but thanks to Clean N Green Laundry Ball that can really happen. This new and innovating product is made out of three pallets of ceramic stones specially treated at high temperature for 45 days. When washing cycle begins the Clean N Green Laundry Ball helps the hydrogen molecules combine in different small cluster that boost the water’s natural washing power. Creating negative ions the Clean N Green Laundry Ball triggers the process of easily removing dirt from clothes without using any kind of detergent.

The Clean N Green Laundry Ball it’s guaranteed to work with high results for about 1000 uses meaning that costs regarding detergent will be cut off from your monthly expenses for about three years. In addition Clean N Green Laundry Ball is eco-friendly thus while using it you will not only get cleaner clothes but you will also protect the environment. While eliminating germs thanks to the antibiotic agents it contains, this amazing product works with high results in all condition. Wheatear you wash your clothes in cold, warm or hot water Clean N Green Laundry Ball is always there to assist in giving you the most fresh and clean clothes you have ever had. Moreover this laundry ball is compatible with all washing machine types working in good conditions even when hand washing is required.

Why spend a lot of money on all sorts of detergents that never seem to completely respond to your needs when you can have the new Clean N Green Laundry Ball a product specially made to make your clothes cleaner and fresher while keeping the planet safe.

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