Clean Go Grip 'n Grab ScoopIf you own a dog then you already know that picking up the dog poop from your dog is never a fun job. However, there is an easier way for you to do it that won't have you bent over it and picking it up with your hand and a plastic bag. You will want to make sure that you get yourself the Clean Go Grip 'n Grab Scoop. This scoop will have you picking up your dogs poop piles in a much easier and more fresh smelling way because you won't have to be so close to the pile.

Another great thing about the Clean Go Grip 'n Grab Scoop is that it will make picking up after a dog a lot easier for anyone that suffers from back pain. When your back hurts you may find it extremely difficult to bend over to clean up after your dog, now you won't have to. The Clean Go Grip 'n Grab Scoop has been designed to provide you with a much easier and cleaner way for you to keep your yard clean. It has features that have been added to make it the perfect choice for you and your dog.

The Clean Go Grip 'n Grab Scoop has a long handle that makes it easy for you to reach your dogs poop without stooping over. It also has a handle that has a clasp that you will squeeze. When you squeeze the clasp that's attached to the handle, the bottom will open up. All you have to do is place this claw shaped opening over the pile and release the clasp. This will cause it to shut around the poop and now you will be able to dispose of it properly. This is a great scooper for anyone that owns a dog.

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