Canada-Green-GrassNot all grass is the same. Some varieties take longer to grow and are quite selective when it comes to soil type. Some do not stand up to summer heat while others cannot stand extreme wintry conditions. Other varieties are high on maintenance and constantly need attention. If you are looking for a grass variety for your yard that is inexpensive, easily flourishes, and is easy to maintain, look for Canada Green Grass.

Canada Green Grass is usually referred to as the all-season grass. It is the variety of choice in most golf courses which require lush, green fairways at all times as well as the ability to withstand fairly heavy foot and cart traffic. Whether it is summer hot, wintry cold or drought-dry, this grass will stay green. You can use Canada Green Grass for an entire yard or fill in those bare spots in your lawn. It grows in just days to fill those bald areas. The proprietary mix of Canada Green Grass, which is the secret to its lush, hardy, green grass is 42 percent red fescue, 30 percent Kentucky bluegrass, 25 percent annual ryegrass, 2.7 percent inert matter, 0.5 percent other crop seed and 0.5 percent weed seed. It even resists bugs.

Once you start using Canada Green Grass for your lawn, you will no longer be wary of people stepping on your grass. Your lawn will look as beautiful as the course where you or your friends play golf. The best news is that Canada Green Grass is affordable; you don't have to spend an inordinate amount of money to maintain your lawn.

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