Finding your way around the house in the dark can be dangerous. You are likely to bump into furniture, stumble over stuff or stub your toes. Now, say goodbye to stubbed toes and bruises because Bright Feet is here to brighten your way. Bright Feet is a specially-designed pair of slippers which has strong LED lights to light the way ahead up to 25 feet away.You'll never need to scrounge around for a flashlight just to get up for a glass of water or go to the bathroom.

Bright Feet has an automatic on and off switch which turns on automatically as soon as you stand, pressing on the sole. It also has a sensitive light sensor capability which turns off when there is light and turns on again when the light is gone. When you take Bright Feet off, the lights automatically turn off after eight seconds, giving you enough time and light to climb into bed.

Bright Feet’s top and bottom are made from high-quality double-lined fleece. That double layer of cushiony goodness will make anyone’s feet feel so comfortable. On the  bottom though, its tough rubber, non-slip soles don't only make you walk quietly but prevent you from slipping as well. The bright LED lights can illuminate your way without the need to turn on night lamps. The strength of the LED lights in Bright Feet comes from 4 pieces of lithium-ion batteries. Adults can use Bright Feet to check on their sleeping children while children can use it to get a drink of water on their own, go to the bathroom, or eat a midnight snack.

Give everyone in your family their very own pair of Bright Feet so that everyone stays safe during times when they need to get up at night and move around. When your hands are free from having to hold a flashlight you can manage your way around the house more safely as you can touch and grasp furniture. Everyone is sure to want one!