Breck's Bulbs and FlowersBreck's is bringing you fresh flowers directly from Holland for almost two centuries now, being a trustworthy partner for any florist or flower enthusiast. At Breck's you can find virtually any breed of flowers, including begonias, lilies, irises, dahlias, gladioli etc. Also, there are some exquisite collections that will add style and a natural to the events you are organizing or your home. A Tango Lily Collection or a Forever Spring Tulip Collection can be appropriate options for your flower decorations.

The bulbs are brought from Holland and their freshness is kept throughout the transportation and selection process, giving you the feeling that you picked the flower yourself from a beautiful dutch field! Breck's relies on a qualified staff of bulb experts that will help you take the best decision for your garden, considering all the geographic and climatic factors involved. You can be sure that the bulbs you buy are the best for you and your soil. The company takes advanced orders that will be honored as soon as the crops are harvested. While you browse the company's website, be sure to check the numerous video tutorials that will give you valuable info on garden raising directly from a competent staff of experts in bulbs. Also, you can receive advice on your landscaping and the best growing tips available.

Because growing flowers is a commitment, not just a passing flair- you will love your flowers more in the garden than in a vase. And be sure to check the sale department for some great deals on some wonderful (maybe perennial) flowers!

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