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Bottle Trees are a unique landscaping feature that will bring a touch of color to your garden. Bottle Trees were specially crafted from metal rods for you to be able to easily 'plant' your Bottle Tree into the ground. Bottle Trees can be placed anywhere but are ideally designed to be placed in front of a home and to be anchored to a soil, sand, or cement surface. It is possible to place a Bottle Tree inside a container that is large enough for you to be able to move it around whenever you want.

Bottle Trees are not just simply whimsical; they are a traditional Southern garden decoration. Bottle Trees can trace its origins from far flung Africa where the natives place bottles on to the branches of a tree in order to capture bad spirits. This practice and belief was brought over to America by the African slaves in the 17th century. Bottle Trees were commonly found in the front yard of stately Southern mansions. The traditional Bottle Tree is an actual plant that is tall enough and has strong enough branches to accommodate the brilliantly colorful clear glass bottles.

The Bottle Tree that you can buy online is made out of metal rod bars and all you have to do is to stick it on the ground, carefully bend out the branches to your desired look, and place the bottles on the limbs. A Bottle Tree will last you for years and it requires no maintenance at all. As a landscaping decoration, it can stand alone as a focal part of your garden or can be placed in the front of a greenery backdrop. It can also be placed near the entrance of your home to serve as a colorful welcome to guests and as a conservation piece.
Bottle Trees can withstand cold and hot weather conditions and no water or snow will enter your beautiful glass bottles as they are facing downwards. One on of the best things about having a bottle tree in your front yard, is that it will allow you to have the option of redecorating it any time you want to. The traditional colors of Bottle Trees are brown and cobalt blue but when the occasion seems fit, you can change the bottles.

For example, during Christmas time, you can place vibrant red and green colored bottles on your tree to give to your home a holiday look despite a bleak winter landscape without having to spend extra on Christmas decor. On Valentine's, you may decorate your tree with red or pink toned bottles, giving a touch of love to your curbside. On Halloween, the children will be thrilled to be met with orange and black bottles as you give your treats while standing beside your special Bottle Tree.

Placing a Bottle Tree on the front yard of your home will give you additional curb appeal and will serve to cover up any unsightly area part of your garden. It can also be used to decorate a large expanse of empty space at a minimal cost and effort because the brilliant colors of the bottles of the Bottle Tree as the rays of the sun makes them shine, will illuminate and give a glow to your home.

If you grew up in the south, you probably saw or owned a bottle tree. This southern tradition became quickly nation spread and many people plant one in their garden or on their lawn when they want something different from normal trees. At Bottle Trees you can shop great bottle trees made by a regular family in their own shop. You can choose from a Freestyle Bottle Tree, with an irregular and creative design, a Big Daddy Bottle tree, which will certainly be seen from far away, the Southern Pine Bottle Tree, a faithful bottle copy of the famous tree or the Corn Stalk Bottle Tree, which can be a great statement for your corn business, for example. If you already have a bottle tree or want to build one yourself, you can order bottles. And on the Bottle Trees website you'll find lots of them, in so many colors and shapes. You can use them for other purposes than bottle trees, as these bottles are very resistant and look very good in any indoor or outdoor arrangement.

Once you get the tree, it's very simple to plant it. It goes 18” into the ground, so there's no risk that the tree would fall and the bottles to break. The branches have rubber tips for extra safety. To place the bottles, just bend the branches and put the bottles and everything should be ready in 15 minutes. Give your lawn or garden a gorgeous lift up with a bottle tree! It is both eccentric and classic and will make your garden more attractive at barbeques or parties!