In gardening, the perfect environment may be created. The most important thing about having a wonderful plant is the seed. Botanical Interest is a garden seed supply store that has quality seeds that you will love to grow.

"Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders." - Henry David Thoreau

Over the years, seeds have been hybrid to get the special characteristics necessary for the harvest to be one that is better for mass production and commercial distribution. Some of the desired traits that are found in these hybrid seeds would be fast-growing and hardiness. Fleshier and larger produce may be made by those hybrid seeds but what is lost is flavor.

One primary example of hybrid produce are tomatoes. Many of the ones available commerially have thick skin, thick flesh, and aren't that juicy because it is necessary for these to have these traits because it prevents the rapid spoilage of transporting the tomatoes from the farm to the market and the handling process.

If you have ever tasted an organic or heirloom tomato, you would notice that it is much juicer, has a cruchy texture, and is a lot sweeter. A newly-harvested tomato has a more pleasant taste which is incomparable to those you can buy at the market.

To have a great harvest, it all has to start from the seed. Then the nurturing process is vital as plants can suffer from stunted growth or disease.

Botanical Interest

This garden seed supply store has 500 high-quality varieties.
140 of these Certified Organic see varieties.
Many of these are heirloom seed varieties.
All the seed are untreated.
These seeds are not from genetically engineered plants.
The germination rate of every variety is tested and guaranteed.

The Botanical Interests packets are beautifully illustrated. The plant's common name, variety and botanical name are written on the packet which also includes the description of the variety. Each seed packet has the detailed instructions needed on when and how to plant the seeds.

And, Botanical Interests has more inside information the seed packet than most others. You will find a plant tag with a drawing of the seedling, the history of the plant, interesting botanical facts, growing and harvesting tips, what to do to prevent disease and pests, and recipes to use when you get to harvest.

Plant great seeds and have a beautiful garden and bountiful harvest when you buy seeds from Botanical Interest.