Bonzai Knife Set includes
* One 7 inch Santoku (Large Chef Style Knife)
* One 5 inch Santoku
* One Bread Slicer and Meat Carver
* One Sportsman Filet Knife
* One Kitchen 5 and 3/8th Deboning Knife
* Pairing Knife
* All-Purpose Shears
* 6 Steak Knives
* Bonzai Food Processor: $30 value yours free just pay the $7.95 shipping and processing (optional)
* 4 Flexible cutting boards
* Chef's Vinnie's 10 secrets in 5 minutes
* Lifetime Guarantee!

Bonzai Knives are super stable. The blade runs all the way through the handle for solid strength. Sinces it so solid there is no pressure points created at the end of the blade where it meets the handle. I have had so many knives snap right where the handle meets the blade because they were not reinforced like the Bonzai Knives that have solid stainless steel extending all the way through the handle.

Bonsai_Knives2The thing I love the most about the knives are the sharpness. It's effortless to use, with my old knife set I had to make sure to use a serrated blade to cut my tomatoes so they wouldn’t squish all over. Its amazing that with Bonzai Knives every knife in the set is incredibaly sharp. I had to buy my Bonzai Knives after seeing the Bonzai Knives video. There is a clip of a freshtomato being dropped onto the sharp edge of the blade just inches away and it sliced through with no problem at all! It really is that sharp, I even tried it at home after opening the huge box of knives and kitchen extras I got.

Since I got my Bonzai Knives, I have been able to eat healthier with more fresh fruits and vegetables. Its not a hassle anymore to chop even the most delicate fruits like my favorite kiwi. Plus, the Bonzai Knives are fluted so the food comes off the blade with each slice. You don’t have to stop in the middle of chopping to wipe the onion slices stuck to the side of the blade.

Inspired by Japanese Legendary design. The Bonzai Knife collection is revolutionary and patented. Incredibly sharp stainless steel, that never need sharpening, and is dishwasher safe. Each knife is durable and guaranteed to stay sharp for a lifetime.

The Bonzai Knife Set is so versatile and sharp it turns anyone into a gourmet chef. With its patented knife technology Bonzai has created Chef Quality knives for everyone. Stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and never have to sharpen the Bonzais' are so good we guarantee them for a Lifetime. Try it for 30 days and see how a good set of knives really changes your experience in the kitchen. This price is not available anywhere else!

The Last Knife You Will Ever Need
* Slice Tomatoes Perfectly!
* Onions Without Tears!
* Cut Ultra-Thin Fillets
* Dishwasher Safe!
* Chef Approved!