Protect your entire family by equipping your home with a filtration system that ensures that only the cleanest water is available as drinking water or even as water in the shower. Use Aquasana all over your home and you need not worry that you or your kids may get sick from bacteria that get into your drinking water. In addition, Aquasana removes deposits and harmful chemicals such as chlorine which affect your skin. You will have a healthier-looking complexion, sport a healthier glow, experience lesser respiratory problems and even have softer, tangle-free hair!

Our body is made of three-fourths water so it is essential that only the purest and cleanest water goes into our system. But many times, the water pipes that lead from water reservoirs into our homes can get contaminated. And when bacteria seeps into drinking water, we can get quite ill. Aquasana filters take contaminants out of the water, leaving in the minerals so you get deliciously clean water without eliminating the minerals essential to our body.

Aquasana has drinking water filters, shower filters and whole house water filters. The drinking water filters have two types: countertop water filters and under counter water filters. It uses a unique selective filtration system. Carbon filtration, ion-exchange and sub-micron filtration produces clean and healthy water. While it reduces sediment, chlorine, lead, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, SOCs, THMs, bad taste and odor, it leaves in minerals your body needs.

For shower filters, Aquasana has an attachment so the filter fits into your showerhead. There is one model that comes with a handheld wand. Its upflow design diminishes water flow, The two-stage shower filtration system uses a combination of copper-zinc oxidation media and coconut shell carbon, which reduces the chlorine in the water and also reduces synthetic chemicals and enhances pH balance in the water.

Aquasana carries replacement filter cartridges as well so you need not worry where to go once your filter cartridge needs to be changed.

They also carry glass and stainless steel water bottles as well as tote carrying cases so that you can bring pure and clean water with you even when you need to leave your home.

Why take the risk of contaminated or dirty water when you can protect your entire household by using Aquasana. You can drink water with confidence knowing that stringent filtration processes are working all the time to keep everyone at home healthy.

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