Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Pet TrainerFinding a way to keep away pesky animals is difficult. Sometimes it might be an animal like a deer or a rabbit who is just trying to forage for food, it could be that annoying next door neighbor’s pet who just loves to go over to your garden, or it could be that sweet adorable pet of yours that just can’t help but make a mess of your flower beds or newly-mowed lawn. Now, there’s a safe way to keep animals away without harming them, especially if you’re the kind of person who hates hurting little animals even if it’s at your expense. With the Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Pet Trainer, no animal will get hurt.

The Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Pet Trainer is tried and tested, safe and secure for you, your family, and your unwanted guests. Its infrared program allows it to detect animals that come within 30 feet of it, thus releasing a high frequency ultrasonic sound that drives those animals away. It works both day and night, and it can work both indoors and outdoors! What’s more, it’s solar powered so you don’t have to fuss over changing the batteries every few days/weeks. Just leave it out for an entire day and it’ll work well into the night and into the next day. The Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Pet Trainer is also weatherproof so it’ll just keep going and going, day or night, rain or shine!

You can use the Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Pet Trainer with the garden stake that’s included in the set, giving it more range as it protects your garden. It also includes a rear mounting bracket (and screws) for those who choose to place the Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Pet Trainer on a tree or fence. Why undergo the hassle of getting pest killers or animal traps that not only endanger those unwanted guests, but may also endanger your family and your environment. Try the safer, more humane method with Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Pet Trainer!

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