Don't let the bed bugs bite with 44X Bed Bug Repellent. Get rid of these nasty pests in a non-toxic way. For your home and travel needs, the special formulation of 44X Bed Bug Repellent will aid you ensure that there are no bed bugs and other small insects. If you want to stop these ugly critters and prevent them from causing an epidemic, the pest control solution is in this 44X Bed Bug Repellent review.

Pest control is so expensive and the chemicals that they use generally have a high toxicity level. If you have bed bugs, what are the methods aside from calling professional pest control that you can use?

There are bed bug repellent reviews that offer you chemical solutions but those might be unsafe. The other natural bed bug repellents might be ineffective. When it comes to dealing with these pests, the ultimate way to get rid of them is to use 44X Bed Bug Repellent.

44X Bed Bug Repellent is made with organic natural enzymes. The ingredients repel bed bugs and other pests that thrive in upholstered furniture such as dust mites. When a given area is treated with it, the pests cannot no longer exist in the environment.

44X Bed Bug Repellent has no odor. Fumigating with sprays is the primary way to get rid of bed bugs and those leave a lingering unpleasant smell on your furniture like your bed. The stench of other bed bug sprays last for days but this one won't so you don't have to even leave the room after it is used.

44X Bed Bug Repellent does not stain. Other bed bugs sprays can cause discoloration to the fabric, wood, and other materials the furniture is made out of. This one can be used without damage on anything that requires to be rendered bug free.

44X Bed Bug Repellent is non-toxic. You, your children, and pets will not be exposed to any kind of harmful chemical. A natural bed bug repellent will ensure that you keep the bugs away and keep your home safe from any level of toxicity with this natural pesticide.

44X Bed Bug Repellent has two product choices:

44X Bed Bug Repellent Spray. Available in different sizes for home use and travelling needs. The larger one is ideal for the home and office, while the smaller one may be brought along to treat an bed or chair in hotels, motels, and seats of buses and the like.

44X Bed Bug Repellent Pouch. A herb and spice filled pouch that will provide continuous protection against bed bugs and other small insects. These may be placed beside your bed, in a drawer, or closet, to repel those pest around the clock.

When you to get rid of bed bugs and other small insects, do it the natural way with

44X Bed Bug Repellent.