Heard of Zumba? That’s the latest dance and fitness craze that is taking the whole world by storm. Dance to Latin rhythms while doing moves that work on every part of your body – toning, firming, sculpting, shaping – while you thoroughly enjoy the workout. It’s not just one of those repeptitive workout routines. It’s dancing to the rhythm! And now you can bring that same Zumba passion for the salsa, swing, calypso and other Latin dances into your workout with the Zumba Dance Workout.


The secret behind Zumba is the music. The scoring, composed of different tempo beats and rhythms, allows you go transition from workouts ala Flamenco, belly dancing, cha-cha, tango, reggae, hip-hop, samba, merengue, Cumbia and Bhangra. The different movements and tempos work on different parts of the body and are actually customizable depending on whether the participants are young kids, active young people or seniors. Anyone can Zumba!

The Zumba Dance Workout incorporates the moves created by Alberto Perez, a choreographer in Colombia, who popularized Zumba by combining the dance moves as exercises, alternating Latin music with international music. Here are some of the benefits you get:

  • Muscle toning – movements of arms, legs, hips, thighs, head and neck provide a total workout that often results in firmer limbs, more toned abs and strengthened abdominal muscles
  • Loss of weight – the combination of calorie-burning dancing with an aerobic workout burns between 450 to 600 calories an hour
  • Stress management - the enjoyment one experiences releases mood-changing endorphins that help contribute to feelings of happiness and fulfillment
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase in bone density
  • Improved body balance
  • Interval training – alternating slow and fast tempos vary the intensity of the workout
  • Sharper minds – the mental exercise of memorizing steps is believed to help sharpen the mind

With music from the Zumba Dance Workout and the choreographed moves, you won’t feel like you’re doing a workout. You are partying with friends! And losing all that unwanted fat and inches while enjoying. How much more fun can a fitness program be?