If you’re a light sleeper then you know what it’s like to sleep with a chronic snorer. But now there’s a device that stops snoring – ZQuiet. Whether you are the light sleeper or you are the snorer, this device is for you. Snoring stops almost as soon as the device is inserted in the mouth, giving the snorer’s partner long, restful sleep all night.

Many people don’t know they snore. And many times, they fall asleep ahead of their partners, causing agonizingly short sleep spans for these partners who have to listen to the snoring all night. Don’t let your relationship with your loved one suffer as a result of your snoring. Get help now with ZQuiet.

Snoring occurs because the airway at the back of the throat is too narrow. As air passes through the narrow airway, it vibrates, causing the snoring sound. What Zquiet does, when inserted into the mouth, is to raise the lower jaw slightly enough to widen the airway. In an instant, snoring is eliminated.


The design of ZQuiet was made for extreme comfort. Unlike some anti-snoring devices, ZQuiet has airflow posts that allow you to continue breathing naturally through your mouth and nose. Because of its “Living Hinge” technology, you can open and close your mouth at night while sleeping and experience comfortable jaw mobility throughout. It’s made of thermoplastic elastomer and does not contain latex or Bisphenol A (BPA).

FDA clearance is critical to the safety of anti-snoring devices. ZQuiet is FDA-cleared, ensuring that it has undergone very strict consumer safety testing and proven effective in preventing snoring.

Cleaning ZQuiet does not entail complicated cleaning processes. Warm water mixed with a mild dish soap should do the trick. For best results, a toothbrush can be used to reach into the corners of ZQuiet.

Immediately improve your partner’s sleep and you improve your relationship. Send off today for your very own ZQuiet and let snoring be a thing of the past.