Zone PilatesThere are days when you find yourself too busy to exercise at home because there are so many things you need to do, but don’t worry. Zone Pilates is a wonderful exercise tool which only requires as little as six minutes a day for a great workout. Zone Pilates targets the three zones of the body – Zone 1 targets your shoulders, arms back; Zone 2 tones the abdominal area; and Zone 3 lifts and firms up your butts and thighs.

Zone Pilates is the latest revolutionary exercise tool used by exercise instructors and enthusiasts. For as little as two minutes per zone, you get great results in return. Zone Pilates keeps you in great shape without much effort on your part. You can exercise as soon as you wake up, while watching TV during the day, or before bedtime. Zone Pilates is very small, handy and lightweight so it is easy to use either in a sitting or standing position. The Zone Pilates unit also comes with a DVD to show you the many exercise routines you can use for Zones 1 to 3, while the Foot Guide Mat makes sure you stay in place and are in the correct Pilates position while exercising. Zone 1 exercises strengthens your shoulders, back and arms. With minimum movement your stretching exercises eases the stressed out muscles on your body and further improves your posture. Zone 2 exercises can trim down your abdominal area and you slim down to the abs size you want. Zone 3 exercises trim, shape and strengthens your hips, thighs, and buns.

With Zone Pilates you exercise effortlessly but get great performance results in no time. Spending only six minutes a day for exercise leaves you lots of time for other chores. Let Zone Pilates keep you in great shape.

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