Yoga Booty Ballet DVD SetIf you have decided to get into shape and begin a workout program then you will want to take a look at a wonderful program that can have you getting in to the shape that you want while providing you with a lot of entertainment. The Yoga Booty Ballet DVD Set will help you to achieve the looks that you want for yourself by providing you with a great abs and body sculpting routine that will prove to be easy to follow and upbeat. This set comes with two DVDs that will show you how to workout in a way that you will be able to learn quickly. You will also learn moves that you have seen on music videos. This is the perfect program to help you get the abs and booty that you always wanted to have.

The first DVD in this set is called “Goddess Booty” and it will show you how to work on getting that booty that you have always wanted. It teaches you how to slim down and firm your buttocks with very specific workouts. You will learn a wide variety of moves that will help you to target that area, some of these moves are the Frog, the Cellulite Roll, and the Thread and Needle. These great moves were created to give people the backsides that they want. You will see that these moves can also be a lot of fun once you get the hang of them.

The second DVD in the set is called Yoga Core and it is a yoga and pilates workout program that will have you working out your entire body. This DVD will provide you with a workout that will offer you the body that you want with a great time as you are doing it. This workout is easy to follow and will have you well on your way to a firmer, more toned you in no time at all. You will lose pounds and inches, have more energy, and be proud of the way you look when you use this set.

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