Why Don’t They Just Quit?It can be very painful to watch a loved one battle an addiction to drugs or alcohol. At times it can get very heart-wrenching and when we see them rehabilitated only for them to slide back into the habit afterwards, we sometimes ask ourselves: Where did they go wrong? Where did we go wrong? If we are at a loss as to how to help a loved one permanently kick the habit, or if we want to know how to deal with them as they are going through rehabilitation, Why Don't They Just Quit provides you the answers that you have been seeking. It addresses all areas of support that you will need to be able to help your loved one on the road to complete recovery.

Why Don't They Just Quit is a book that covers all possible points that you will need to know. There are several chapters dealing with how people get into drug or alcohol abuse in the first place, the psyche of the potential substance abuser and the kinds of drugs available in the modern world. The book also devotes chapters that emphasize how having a substance abuser in the family makes recovery a family affair. It discusses how siblings are also affected by the addiction of one and the kind of love that works or doesn't work. The second half discusses different types of treatment so you become familiar with alternative treatments as well as the life of someone in recovery, risks of relapse and what to do if relapse does happen. The combo pack of Why Don't They Just Quit includes a DVD that tackles the 10 toughest questions on addiction. Joe Herzanek, who himself battled addiction before, offers straightforward, no-nonsense answers to the deepest questions you have.

Don't be in the dark anymore. Have the confidence to know exactly how to deal with someone close to you who is a substance abuser and get help quickly and effectively for him or her.

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