If you’re planning to buy a kettlebell, hold off till you take a look at the Weider PowerBell. It’s the equivalent of seven, not just one, kettlebell. You can save a lot of money because with its six weights you can adjust your training from 10 pounds to as much as 20 pounds. Several family members of varying ages and weight can use one and the same Weider PowerBell.


More and more people are discovering the benefits of using a kettlebell. While there are other cardio workouts like running that can really get your heart going, people using kettlebells have found that they get the same cardio effects but in as little as 20 minutes only. In addition, different kettlebell exercises work not just the arms, but the legs, abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders and more. Even women have seen how regular kettlebell training can tone their body.

But the Weider PowerBell is unlike other kettlebells that come in fixed weights. With those, once you outgrow the weight and want to move up to a higher weight category, you’d need to buy another kettlebell. The Weider PowerBell eliminates that. Its handle alone weighs 5 pounds. If you’re a beginner or want to exercise with the least weight, you can start working out with just the handle. The Weider PowerBell comes with six weights, each one weighing 2.5 pounds. Your younger family members like teenagers and women can start with the lighter weights, say 5 or 7.5 pounds, while the older and heavier family members can use heavier weights. You need not keep several kettlebells of different weights at home. Save space and money by using just the Weider PowerBell.

With your order comes the basic Weider Powerbell handle with six weights plus step-by-step instructions in a workout DVD. You also get an elite PowerBell fitness journal which provides 8 weeks of grocery lists and recipes specifically designed by a team of dietitians and gourmet chefs. You will be eating healthy while getting more fit. All you need to gain strength and get a good cardio workout is Weider PowerBell.

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