Urban Rebounding SystemEver tire of workouts that seem so redundant and boring? Looking for a fun way to get slim, lose weight, and tone various parts of your body? Looking for a fast workout that will keep you moving all day? Say no more. The Urban Rebounding System is definitely the workout machine for you. Created by JB Berns, a practicing martial artist, the Urban Rebounding System has it’s lineage in martial arts and core abdominal postures.

Designed somewhat like a trampoline, the Urban Rebounding System lets you bounce your way to extreme fitness. Imagine using it for just 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week. It melts away fat, without any pain or stress to your joints. It also helps you to improve your balance and coordination, especially if you’re an athlete or getting on in age, or if you simply want to challenge yourself with a different kind of workout. It’s very safe since you barely leave the ground when you’re on it, and it has a training bar that you can use while trying to get used to the equipment, or maybe for specific exercise routines.

This awesome equipment comes with a detailed instruction manual that will teach you how to assemble your easy-to-assemble Urban Rebounding System, while instructing you on how to begin your exercise. It also comes with 6 free workout videos that you can go along with as you are doing your exercises. The exercise videos range vary from easy workout to much more advance workouts, while also showcasing what routine to use when you want to work on your abs while on the Urban Rebounding System. Also, if you’re getting on in age but you still want to lose those fats and get fit, one of the workout videos is designed especially for you. What’s more, the Urban Rebounding System is a well known piece of equipment used in gyms across the country. Imagine having that, but in the comfort of your own home! It’ll definitely get your metabolism going while allowing you to keep the momentum of your exercise.

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