Ultra Flex Workout barGetting in shape doesn’t have to be difficult; it doesn’t require an expensive gym membership or tons of bulky equipment that takes up all of the free space in your home or apartment. You can build muscle, get toned and burn fat – quickly and easily with a single piece of equipment that can store easily in any closet or under any bed.

UltraFlex is the most convenient, most versatile and most portable piece of full body strength training equipment on the market today. With UltraFlex you can do dozens and dozens of muscle building and fat burning exercises in a minimal amount of time and a minimal amount of space.

With Ultra Flex there is no wasted time consumed by changing weight plates or adjusting bands – changing the resistance is literally as easy as moving your hand position up or down on the unit. Changing exercise doesn’t require any wasted time or effort either, you can flow freely and smoothly for one fat burning, muscle building exercise to the next – this gets you finished with your workout faster, while at the same time being much more productive and achieving better results.

Watch The UltraFlex Fitness Commercial Video With Mario Lopez

Tons of people want better bodies, but don’t work out because they think that getting in shape is going to be some huge hassle, but Ultra Flex takes virtually all of the hassle out of getting the body you want. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money or a bunch of time; you don’t need loud and bulky equipment and UltraFlex is so portable that you’ll never have to worry about missing a workout again, regardless of your travel schedule.

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