Turbo Fire WorkoutDo you want a real workout? Not just any workout that claims to work on your problem areas but seem never to have any effect despite weeks of doing them? There's now a power-packed workout that not only burns calories while you are doing them but continues on burning those unwanted calories long after you've finished working out. Add to that the fact that you'll build muscles in just the right places. That is amazing and yet it is true with Turbo Fire Workout designed by fitness innovator Chalene Johnson.

Turbo Fire Workout is an intense cardio conditioning program which does not require a gym membership. You can do this in your own home or anywhere you see fit and it will be just like you were right in front of Chalene's class. With normal cardio work-ups that last 30-45 minutes of continuous cardio exercises, the program's intensity burns calories up to a particular peak, then it tapers and levels off. With Turbo Fire Workout, Chalene uses highly intense but short bursts of exercises she calls Fire Drills or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that push you to the max for about 1 minute, with brief recovery intervals. Studies have shown that HIIT activates the metabolism so you continue burning calories up to as long as 48 hours after your workout. This is called the after-burn effect. You could be at rest or sleeping and your body continues to burn calories and fat away! The Turbo Fire Workout comes in 11 DVDs. DVD1 lets Chalene introduce you to the course and teaches you how to get the best results out of it.  The 10 other DVDs consist of different workout combinations that will really get you sweating in no time. The choices of songs are also so great, you'll always be fired up listening to them. With your order you also get Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide, the TurboFire 5-Day Inferno Plan, Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide, a TurboFire lower-body band, and more.

There's no other high-intensity interval training workup like Turbo Fire Workout to get you the body you have always wanted to have.

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