Here’s a really nifty toothbrush dispenser we found that dispenses toothpaste on to your toothbrush perfectly, uses up all the toothpaste in the tube, and avoids those sticky toothpaste droppings on the sink or floor. Touch N Brush attaches via suction tube to your bathroom mirror or any porous surface, even wallpaper. With one hand, you can have Touch N Brush dispense the right amount of toothpaste, and leave your bathroom free of that morning or evening mess left by the kids.

Touch N Brush is a long, vertical toothpaste dispenser. It has suction cups at the back for easy sticking to almost any surface in your bathroom. Unlike some other dispensers that come with screws and require drilling into your walls and tiles, Touch N Brush sticks right on your mirror, tile, wallpaper, wood, drywall, marble and other types of surfaces. The toothpaste cover lets you insert the entire toothpaste tube upside down with the tube neck inserted into the dispenser. Once the cover is back on, simply insert your toothbrush into the dispenser, push the lever, and out comes a perfect amount of toothpaste.

With Touch N Brush, you are able to maximize the content of each toothpaste tube because it squeezes out every last bit of toothpaste without having to press down on the neck of the tube as most people would normally do. Having the toothpaste tube inserted upside down inside Touch N Brush dispenses toothpaste one way only and eliminates the irritation that family members often have with different brushing habits, which include pressing right smack in the middle of the toothpaste tube instead of at its end.

Put Touch N Brush in every bathroom in the house and you will not have to worry about sink mess to clean up after every day. With Touch N Brush, your sink and floor remain clean, your toothpaste is used to the max, and everyone in the family stays happy. It’s what every bathroom should have.

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