The-Total-GymIf you are looking for the ultimate way to get into shape, then you will want to take the Total Gym Challenge! You will get everything that you need to get into the shape that you want. The Total Gym Challenge will be delivered right to your home and it will include a complete line of workout DVDs to help you along the way, an upgraded squat stand, a wing attachment, and a pilates exercise kit. The Total Gym comes with an extended warranty so that you know you are covered. It also has a 60 day risk free trial which allows you to try it out and make sure that it's for you. You also receive an accessory kit that is valued at $250.00.

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The Total Gym comes to your home fully assembled so that you can get started using it right away. It also folds flat so that you can put it in a place that is out of the way when you aren't using it. There are a lot of exercises with the Total Gym that can be done in 20 to 30 minutes, this makes it easy for you to fit a good workout into your busy day so that you don't have to skip a day. You will be able to target all of your body's major muscle groups with the Total Gym. It also gives you a great cardio, resistance, and stretching workout.

With the Total Gym you will be able to adjust it to a higher incline, or a lower incline so that you can customize your workout to fit your needs for each workout. The Total Gym will give you the body that you want in no time. If you join the Total Gym Challenge now you will be able to get this system with free shipping and handling, so you will want to act now and get on your way to becoming a more fit you.

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