Torso Track IIAre you looking for a different kind of abs toning equipment that not only tightens your abs as you exercise but also exercises your arm muscles and even your back? Want something more than the usual crunches, knee pulls, crunches and leg lifts? Then say hello to the Torso Track II, a new kind of abs toning machine made just for you.

The Torso Track II is an easy to use abs toning equipment that will help firm your arms, shoulders chest and back. It will also help to tighten and tone your upper, middle and lower abs as well as obliques. It can be adjusted to three levels depending on how intense you want your exercise to be. Since there is a padded area for your knee, all you need to do is to kneel down and while holding on to the handles on the side of the machine, slowly stretch out your body away from the machine, and then pull yourself back toward the machine. Slide back and forth on the machine and watch as your abs contract, focusing the exercise on those muscles while  the pulling sensation also helps to tone your arms and back.

It’s so easy to use and takes only a few minutes of your time each day. The Torso Track II is not exactly portable or lightweight, but it is very effective and can be conveniently pushed under your bed when not in use, and can just as conveniently be pulled out from under your bed for your daily exercise. It also comes with an instructional video that will help you use the machine in the best possible manner possible, giving you the best possible daily exercise routine. It also includes a nutritional guide that will aid you in putting together a healthy diet so that together with the exercise, you can get the best possible results for your body.

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