Is your swollen leg always a problem when you go on a vacation or a business trip? Do you often find yourself stuck indoors due to painful legs and feet after a long trip? Do you want to enjoy your trip without being bothered with the discomfort of painful legs and feet? Therawear gradient compression travel socks are now available to help you with your problem.

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A good blood circulation is essential to achieve good health. When your blood is deprived from the oxygen and nutrients needed to normally circulate, your health will suffer.

When you go on a trip or vacation you are usually stuck in your seat for a long period of time. This prevents the blood from flowing properly to your legs and feet. This can inhibit the transfer of oxygen and nutrients, resulting to poor blood circulation. When this happens you end up having painful and swollen legs and feet, giving you a feeling of discomfort the moment you arrive in your destination. The pain and discomfort can sometimes affect the activities you plan to do.

However with the introduction of Therawear gradient compression travel socks you can now say goodbye to the days when you have to endure discomfort during long trips. Therawear gradient compression travel socks will help you maintain healthy legs and feet throughout your trip by providing a regulated amount of compression pressure (15-20 mmHg) on the end of the hosiery where great pressure is applied. This decreases the pressure toward the topmost portion of the hosiery.

The compression helps the blood pass through a constricted circulatory pathway, which increases the arterial pressure. This enables the blood to go back to your heart and prevent the accumulation of blood in your feet. Through this, proper blood circulation is promoted.

Therawear offers various types of graduated support socks for men and women. Whether you are pregnant, overweight, always standing or sitting for lengthy period of time, suffering from improper blood circulation, swelling, minor discomfort, deep venous thrombosis, or achy and tired legs, you can greatly benefit from Therawear gradient compression hosiery. Therawear travel socks provide comfort to your legs and feet while increasing the blood flow.

Therawear gradient compression travel socks come in over-the-calf, knee-high, and sock styles to provide you comfort. To compliment your outfit, you can choose from the available colors of Therawear travel socks, which include charcoal, brown, black, navy, white, winter white and khaki colors. With Therawear compression socks, you can deal with poor blood circulation without having to sacrifice your comfort and look.

If you are planning a long trip in the future you can let Therawear gradient compression travel socks accompany you for a more comfortable and enjoyable trip.

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