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What kind of gym machines do you use?

How many different ones to get targeted workouts?

Does the machine you own have core training?

Does it have resistance training?

Are the workouts focused?

Is there specific routines for men and women?

The Jack Rack has ALL these features.

Jack it up to get ripped. This gym machine is a rack that is stacked.

With over 150 exercises, getting rid of the fat and building lean muscle mass, plus toning any part of the body has been made possible with only ONE gym machine.

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Check out this The Jack Rack reviews videos to see the focused exercise routines.

Jack Rack for Women

JackRack Biceps Pull Ups

The Jack Rack packages differ. The way to choose is based on what you want to achieve. Each package is good for people who want to get fit and body builders of all levels, be it beginner, intermediate, advance, or professional.

Here is what the top of the line The Jack Rack package is:


4 DVDs

When you want results, there is no need to enroll in a gym. Workout at home, schedule your own hours, and get to ideal body fast.

The Jack Rack is so effective, other reviews state that they have lost 25 to 35 pounds!

Want to get ripped fast? This is the way to do it. It's the newest and the most complete workout program in the market that includes a home gym machine. Can you imagine how much savings you have when you use this instead of going to the gym? Aside from the, the results will be awesome!

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