The Holy Grail Body TransformationTom Venuto is known in the fitness community as the fat loss expert, fitness trainer and natural bodybuilder who developed the "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" program. While that program is meant more for those who have a lot of fat to burn, you could be one of those with moderate fat only that needs burning, combined with a desire to build muscle. Tom created The Holy Grail Body Transformation program for you whether you are overweight or skinny but in need of bulk muscle.

Many people think that you cannot burn fat and gain muscle at the same time. Tom Venuto says otherwise. You can lose that fat and gain muscle at the same time - by following his program. "Same time" does not mean simultaneously. His program alternates between periods of caloric surplus (anabolism) and caloric deficit (catabolism) so that in one, you gain muscle and in the other, you lose body fat.

Many weight-loss programs and crash diets focus on one thing alone - scale weight loss. But losing pounds is different from the most important measurement: fat-to-muscle ratio. Simply aiming to lose weight also means losing water, muscle and lean tissue. In The Holy Grail Body Transformation, your goal is not to lose weight but to replace fat with muscle. Venuto says you can have four different goals when doing The Holy Grail Body Transformation: 1) focused fat loss for overweight people, 2) focused muscle gain for skinny people, 3) fat loss as priority with muscle gain as secondary goal, or 4) muscle gain as priority with fat loss as secondary aim. So this is a program not just for obese people; this is for people like you who want to "transform" your body from one with excess fat into a great body with well-developed, lean muscles.

The Holy Grail Body Transformation comes as a PDF ebook with a downloadable mp3 audio edition. It goes beyond just exercise routines. It involves a carefully studied combination of training, diet, nutrition and recovery times. Venuto demonstrates, in this program, how to manipulate "controllable" factors like caloric intake with carbohydrate cycling to get the dual effect of lean muscle and loss of fat. You will see the changes in your body when you go through The Holy Grail Body Transformation.

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