Shape up your butt and your thighs by using The Flex Mini which lifts, tones, and firms your bottom and is also approved by the FDA. The Flex Mini is a device you wear that helps you exercise those problem areas. All you need to do is strap on The Flex Mini which uses electronic muscle stimulation technology to do the job.  This technology stimulates your nerves making your muscles contract and relax just like exercises such as leg lifts, squats, hamstring curls, lunges, and other strenuous exercises.

Think of it as a machine that does the exercise for you! It is most especially useful for people who have a hard time getting into the discipline of exercising due to hectic schedules or just sheer lack of will. It is also most especially useful for women who always worry about their thighs and butt areas specifically.

The Flex Mini's design involves the pre-positioning of four medical-grade gel pads that cover your buttocks and the back of your thighs. The Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology stimulates the nerves in your rear area, making them contract, then relax, as though you were actually exercising. These contractions work on the exact same set of nerves that are exercised when you do leg lifts, squeeze your butt, do squats, hamstring curls, lunges, stiff dead leg lifts, walking lunges, go running or workout on an elliptical cross trainer. There are 99 intensity levels to choose from so you can increase intensity as your muscles get in better shape.

The Flex Mini uses a technology that has been used in the professional health care industry for many years by doctors and therapists so it is safe and effective. It has been clinically demonstrated to work in just 3 weeks. People can easily fit it into their daily routine as you can just wear it as you go about your day. The Flex Mini can be easily worn underneath your clothes.

The Flex Mini is concentrated exercise that leads to better results as compared to normal exercise by increasing overall strength and endurance in buttocks muscles.

When you purchase The Flex Mini, you get the device, gel pads, a charger, a case, and an instruction manual.

Get that perfect, firm and shapely bottom you want without the hardship and discipline needed to get into an exercise routine. With The Flex Mini, you are able to shape your butt and make it firm easily, comfortably, and in a relatively short span of time.

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