Exercise is vital in keeping a healthy body that keeps us away from many illnesses and injury. However, many exercises can be boring and produce minimal results, making some people junk exercising altogether.   The Firm Workout is unlike any other exercise program available in the market.  It is a unique fitness system that focuses on the development of a strong, well-toned, leaner body with the use of cardiovascular exercises, interval training, synergy training and resistance training or weight-training exercises that produce quicker results and maximize fat burn for faster weight loss.

As people grow older, strength diminishes. The Firm Workout implements resistance training to address this concern. According to the American Medical News, people between the ages of 30 and 60 lose about 15% of their muscle mass.  That is why resistance training which stimulates the growth of muscles and improves overall strength while it assists in preventing/treating osteoporosis by increasing strength in the bones is very important. It improves body composition or the body’s ratio of muscle to fat, which leads to faster metabolism that reshapes the body, usually to a smaller size as muscle occupies less space than fat does. With controlled weight, there is also a certain degree of risk reduction for some cancers and other types of diabetes. For as long as we don’t eat more calories than what our body burns or requires, then we are sure to lose weight.

The Firm Workout includes cardiovascular exercises like dance, step, cardio-kickboxing and plyometrics that allow better blood sugar control, stress reduction and improved weight loss. It also lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, improves HDL (the good cholesterol) and gives better endurance. The American College of Sports recommends that this be done consistently for 30 minutes 5X a week, for one to enjoy its full benefits.


With interval training as part of The Firm Workout, aerobic workouts of higher intensity are used alternately with lower-intensity weight lifting.  This builds muscles and more calories are burned than if done with only sustained aerobic workouts, thereby allowing more weight loss.  On the other hand, when cardiovascular exercises are combined with weights, this is called synergy training.  This effective method of training that uses varied intensity levels and alternates between upper and lower body resistance moves will show visible results in 10 workouts or less. The Firm Workout has easy-to-follow DVDs with more than 10M copies of their workout videos of different titles sold and also has special workouts to help tone the arms, legs and core.  It is advised that beginners stay off weights for the first 3-5 workouts and begin with a steady pace, slowly increasing intensity as more strength and better performance is attained. However, as with any exercise program which involves some degree of risk, it is best that you check with your doctor first.

Show off those strong, lean muscles and flaunt your new appearance with the help of The Firm Workout. But more importantly, enjoy a healthier body and live the kind of life you were meant to live.