Here’s a quick and safe way to lose weight (and fat) in just 31 days with The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure. Developed by Vic Magary, a former military man and experienced personal trainer, the program is a combination of diet and exercise programs that will help men and women lose fat belly – as much as 29 lbs. of it -- in a month.

Many people approach dieting the wrong way. Some think that fasting or going through a starvation diet will do the trick. They miss meals, thinking this is the way to lose calories and weight. What they don’t know is that when the body senses that no food is coming in, it tells the brain that it is on “fasting mode”. The body seeks to preserve whatever fats it has in case it needs to go into survival mode. So rather than losing those fats, one may end up actually retaining them.

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure program, which comes in the form of an e-book, helps you identify those foods to avoid without having to starve one’s self. Vic Magary, in the diet section of the program, advises you to eat like a caveman and not take in processed foods. The exercise section provides 5 different exercise plans good for 31 days each and for different types of people:

  • For those over 60 or have some kind of injury
  • Beginners program for those with excess body weight
  • Gym workouts for beginners
  • Bodyweight plan for enhanced trainees
  • Gym workouts for advanced trainees

Aside from those, check out some of the other great things about The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure:

  • Helpful diet plans so you avoid those unwanted food
  • In-depth videos of all the exercises
  • Advice and support from Vic Magary
  • Readily downloadable to your computer and immediately usable
  • Affordable price compared to paying for expensive weight reduction programs

Imagine that, in as little as 31 days, following the The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure, you will start to see your body changing inside and out. And you are getting all these from an experienced fitness trainer so that everything you do is safe and effective.