Get to the core of your workout with T-Core – a radical fitness program designed for men who want those steely abs and hard core that show off gloriously sinewy muscles. This device was created because it is believed that what we know as the traditional ab crunch does not really result in those toned abs. But with the T-Core, all it takes is 6 minutes. It works the upper, lower and oblique abs. This program of exercises is a kickass, sure way to whip your core into shape in no time at all.

The T-Core looks like a harmless device but this gizmo will work all your abs to the ground. It’s like 3 devices in one because there are three resistance levels – 40, 80 and 120 pounds. That means you need not junk the T-Core once your body has gotten used to the 40-lb. resistance level. Simply take the resistance up to 80 lbs. and all the way to 120 lbs.

Traditional abs crunches only work the upper and lower abs but you do not see the full effect of toned abs because the obliques are left out. Not with T-Core! All exercises are done sitting down but they target the body’s entire core in a series of exercises that go from upper abs to lower abs to hard-to-reach oblique abs. That’s a four-seeded approach right there! T-Core has a unique swivel pad that lets you swing from side to side to change the targeted abs. When you start pumping the T-Core, you will begin to feel the burn.

Many guys hate sit-ups. They strain the neck if not done right and tires you more easily. With the T-Core, you stay seated while using it and nothing else is strained or worked but just those abs. The effect then is focused precisely in the areas that need firming up and toning. It is really amazing how such a simple looking device can be the answer to an overall toned core.

Add T-Core to your home fitness program. Just a few minutes a day using this and following the exercises and you will see a dramatic change in your ab section. Redefine your core and build core strength. Friends and family will be amazed at the results for sure. You will, too!