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The patented active ingredient in Syntra-Shield has been proven in scientific studies to reduce the incidence of fever and illness by assisting the natural mechanisms in your own immune system. Not only can Syntra-Shield help protect you from illness, but it can also increase your energy, reduce fatigue, and support mental clarity. So not only can you feel better more often, but you can be more productive as well.

The patented active ingredient in Syntra-Shield is safe, efficient, and backed by more than $250 million in clinical research from some the world's most respected scientific organizations, so you know you are getting a product that does what it promises. So don't spend your day worrying so much about the illness causing bacteria that threaten you and your family, now you can do something to help your immune system defend your body from these threats.

Syntra-Shield can help you live your life without worrying about the germs and bacteria that surround us. Help stop stress related illness, increase your mental clarity, and reduce your need to miss work or school due to cold-like symptoms with this once-a-day scientific breakthrough.

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