Just looking at Suzanne Somers, you see proof of how you could look in your 40s if you take great care of your body, just as Suzanne did. And now you can, because Suzanne Somers is sharing all her secrets on how to stay beautiful and fit past 40 in Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever, an online site where you can find not only tips and tools for losing weight but other products that address your food diet, facial care, beauty, fitness and books on all these subjects.

As we approach 40 and go past it, there are body changes that we may not be aware of but which affect our body’s ability to burn calories. Age makes our metabolic rate slow down and even if we don’t do anything to change our diets, we find that we are gaining weight and packing in additional unwanted inches. That is because our body is not burning the calories as fast as it used to when we were younger.

For about two decades now, Suzanne has worked with a team of doctors to uncover what it will take to lose weight after 40 and stay sexy forever. She discovered that as the female hormones shift, the combination of foods women eat and even the cosmetics used, play roles in how they lose weight. This knowledge was incorporated into Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever.

As a membership program, Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever brings its members all the conveniences of losing weight through an online program. The program teaches women to take control of their lives. Weight gain, it will show, is not a natural consequence of aging. By changing one’s lifestyle, making smarter and healthier choices, women can actually influence how their bodies shape themselves as well as how they look.

The nutrition plan emphasizes a balance in food intake, not deprivation which robs the body of needed nutrients. Her plan is based on eating real food but eating them all in balance. To help you track your progress, Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever comes with several features:

  • Recipes
  • Personal Meal Planner
  • Shopping-List Tool
  • Food Log
  • Nutrition Fact Finder
  • Healthy-Weight Calculator
  • Calorie Calculator
  • Activity Calculator
  • Weight Tracker
  • Inch Tracker
  • Personal Journal

The other part of Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever is the exercise. You need not worry if you don’t know where to start; the online program will provide all the tools for breaking into a sweat. What’s important is that one either starts on an exercise program or, if already in one, to step up its intensity for that cardio boost. Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever has complete workout routines that boost metabolism, build muscles, improve balance and coordination and reduce conditions related to aging such as osteoporosis which increases the risk of fractures.

Begin today your journey to health. Your body and face, like Suzanne Somers, can stay young and sexy well past the age of 40.

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