Supple-Drink-SupplymentI have had bad pain in my knees in the last few years. Being that I live upstairs, this has been a really bad problem for me, it causes me to be in a lot of pain after I have to climb up the stairs. It is even harder to climb the stairs when I have something to carry up them. It doesn't have to be anything real heavy either. If I just carry a gallon of milk up the stairs it will cause a lot more pain in my knees. Sometimes I avoid doing errands that can be put off simply because I know that I will have to come back up the stairs and I don't feel like causing that kind of pain to myself if I don't have to. That is why I was happy to hear from a friend that there was something that could help me called Supple.

I began taking Supple? shortly after she had told me all about how it had helped her with her joint pain. I had only been taking it for about a week when I first started to notice that it didn't hurt me so much to climb my stairs. I started noticing that it was easier to do many other things as well. I could get up from sitting on the floor without scooting over to a piece of furniture to get help in standing up.

Now that I have been taking Supple for awhile I feel so much better. Now I don't hold the rail and grimace as I go up and down the stairs, in fact I can go down them fast and with absolutely no pain. I feel terrific and Supple has completely changed my life, I hadn't paid much attention to all of the little things that I wasn't doing anymore because of the pain. But, now that I feel better I am once again enjoying playing racquetball, walking, and playing ball with my kids.

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