Stud_Bar_Pull_Up_BarThere are plenty of pull up bar options available for a wide variety of different prices, there are options that are free standing and options that hang right from your door frame, but the problem with most of them is that they aren’t string enough to support heavy individuals or work for high intensity moves like jumping or kipping pull ups.

The Stud Bar Pull Up Bar is a completely different breed of pull up bar, one that takes up very little space like that of a door mounted unit but that has the strength to withstand just about an variety of pull up easily. The Stud Pull Up Bar quickly and easily mounts to either the ceiling or the floor to give you a super strong piece of equipment that you can rely on for an excellent workout in seconds.

Free standing units are difficult to assemble and they take up tons of space, but you can get the very same strength (if not more) from the Stud Bar Pull Up Bar in a unit that takes up a fraction of the space – in fact, since the Stud Bar Pull Up Bar mounts on your ceiling, there is a very good chance that it will never get in your way or be an inconvenience in any way.

The Stud Bar Pull Up Bar costs a fraction of what you would pay for a gym membership, but can help you get an upper body and core workout that is every bit as good as any workout that you would get in a gym. If you want to take your fitness to the next level with an incredibly convenient piece of equipment – get the Stud Bar Pull Up Bar.

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