Are you trying to lose weight but feel helpless when you see food and your cravings start up? Usually, intense food cravings come from an eating disorder, gland problems, or from being obese. Asking people to cut down on portions is almost impossible for these people because as soon as they see food, the cravings act up again and are very difficult to resist. But Spray It Away - Dietary Spray can now help those with hard-to-control food cravings. Just a few sprays into the mouth and you will notice that you no longer crave to satiate your appetite.

Spray It Away is a liquid spray made entirely of Pure Lumathin. This is a revolutionary supplement from the Carraluma Fimbriata family that has been used for centuries in India and in drought-stricken areas to suppress the body’s natural appetite while providing natural nutrients. The bottle is tiny enough to fit in a purse and holds enough Pure Lumathin for 90 servings or about four weeks, if used as directed. Lumathin tricks your brain into thinking it is already full and your brain sends those signals to your body, making you want to eat less than your usual consumption. The liquid form was chosen over delivering it as a pill (tablet, caplet or capsule form) because a proprietary technology pre-extracts the active compounds out of Lumathin so that the user is able to absorb and assimilate its active ingredients almost immediately. The active ingredients are more potent and accelerate through the body system more rapidly. Just three sprays into your mouth three times a day, before meals, is all that is needed. In as little as a few weeks, you may start to notice the weight loss that comes from your reduced food cravings.

Lumathin is an all-natural dietary supplement which is totally safe, has no known adverse side effects, and contains no caffeine or ephedra. While there are no known adverse effects using Spray It Away while under prescriptive medication or taking herbal supplements, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a physician before you plan to take them together. It is not advisable for pregnant women or children under the age of ten to use this.

Bring Spray It Away with you always and make it a habit to spray before eating. Your weight loss will come naturally and without much pain on your part from having to sacrifice eating what you love to eat. You will just eat less of these.

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