Develop the abs that you have always dreamed of even if you never see the four walls of a gym. By wearing the Sport Elec Ab Belt, you can do your lawn mowing, vacuum the carpets, work in the office, read a book, watch TV or engage in any activity at home or at work and still get those solid, toned abs. Its electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology continues to work the body’s muscles even while you are at rest.  You don’t wait extra time working out in the gym. Stay productive doing your regular activities and still get those abs.

The Sport Elec Ab Belt acts as a muscle stimulator that uses electronic wavelengths that contract muscles. This kind of technology is found in machines used in physical therapy and by chiropractors. With the Sport Elec Ab Belt which is strapped around the torso, contractions are said to increase strength in the midsection just as doing crunches would.

Approved for use by the FDA, the Sport Elec Ab Belt is strapped around one’s torso. Four built-in toning pads activate electronic impulses that stimulate the muscles in the abs. In the process, muscles are toned, tightened and strengthened, endurance is increased, and abdominal muscle tone improved. The  EMS controller has 4 different program settings and as many as 30 intensity levels. That means that whether you’re just a beginner or a fitness buff, the Sport Elec Ab Belt is for you. The Sport Elec Ab Belt also works for both men and women.

With your order of the Sport Elec Ab Belt, get 4 built-in toning pads, a month’s supply of contact gel, the Sport-Elec Move It to Lose It walking CD which gives tips on how to burn fat while toning your abs, the Sport-Elec Eating Plan and an instructional manual and DVD.

Show off those 6-pack abs proudly without all the workout time. Be productive at work or at home and still get that firm, toned torso with the Sport Elec Ab Belt.