Relieve your back pains without having to go through surgery by using this product called Spinal Stretch. Spinal Stretch is a portable and affordable all-you’ll-ever-need back pain reliever. It is a device that relieves you of your back pain easily and effectively. It is also simple to use.

Spinal Stretch is an FDA-registered device that relieves lower back pain through spinal decompression as the device uses a therapeutic pulling force to relieve pressure on the discs and vertebrae which are the root causes of back pains.

The usual therapy is the “inversion therapy” where the user hangs upside down causing an inverse pressure to relieve the spine. However, Spinal Stretch will stretch your spine without needing to turn upside down like a bat.  Using it can relieve up to approximately 40% of your body weight pressure from your discs.

Using Spinal Stretch will help save money too as it will save you from having to take medicine or undergo surgery. Using Spinal Stretch will also lead to lasting results and help prevent back pains from returning. It also increases motion and flexibility of the lower back and helps improve alignment as well, leading to a straighter back, thus improving your posture and making you look taller. Using Spinal Stretch can treat people with chronic back pains with conditions such as degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, muscle spasms, sciatica, scoliosis, or spinal stenosis.

Spinal Stretch weighs only a measly 4 pounds. You can also use it as it is without needing to set up or assemble anything. Take it with you when you travel. It's that portable.

Spinal Stretch is a powerful yet simple technology that can alleviate and even prevent back pain without the hassle and expense of medicine or surgery, or having to use complex machines. All you need is “a door and a floor” and a few minutes of your day and you’re ready to use your device comfortably!

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