Turn on the pain relief to get rid of headaches, sports injuries, arthritis, and more! Temperature controlled heating and cooling therapeutic pads that you can use on the different parts of the body means fast pain relief, naturally.

We all feel some kind of pain one time or another such as headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, and can have swelling in a certain area like the ankles. What do we do for pain relief? Take medication, use hot or cold compresses, place liniments or massage the area.

Using hot and cold compresses and cooling and heating pads does work. These traditional methods of pain relief are used as first aid and as therapeutic cures.  Now, there are heating and cooling therapeutic pads which are one of the inventions of Bahman Guyuron, MD who is a pioneer in migraine research and a world-renowned surgeon. This physician invented SootheAway Continuous Thermal Therapy as a drug-free alternative to get rid migraine headaches. This therapeutic pads also work to get rid of ordinary headaches and is safe to be used by pregnant women.

The uses of SootheAway Continuous Thermal Therapy include providing pain relief to those who have had traumatic brain injury. It may also be used for post-surgical pain relief and for treatment of athletic injuries such as a pulled muscle, shoulder impingement, lower back strain, ankle sprain, shin splits, runner's knee, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis,  arch pain and more. And, it provides the hot and cold therapy to bring down the inflammation and give pain relief to arthritis by enhancing the blood circulation and reducing the muscle spasms.

There are SootheAway Continuous Thermal Therapy machines for home and clinic use as the drug-free alternative to chronic pain and acute pain and to reduce swelling, bruising, and discomfort, and other kinds of pain in the eyes and other parts of the body like the shoulders and knees. The temperature control that ranges from 38 to 128F makes these therapeutic pads have the exact hot or cold theraphy that your body needs and be comfortable to use.

SootheAway Continuous Thermal Therapy is the drug-free alternative to pain relief that you can get with just a push of a button.

SootheAway Natural Pain Relief System