songbird Hearing aidEveryone knows someone that is losing their hearing, whether it's because of old age or too many rock concerts. It can be an incredibly annoying experience for both the person who is losing their hearing and everyone close to them.

SongBird Hearing aids, however, are a cost effective and well-designed solution to losing hearing.

Instead of asking "what," and "can you repeat that," people losing their hearing can spend under $80 to get all their hearing back.

The SongBird Hearing aid is designed just like hearing aids that can cost well over $1,000 and fits right behind the ear.

The battery lasts for a staggering 400 hours of use and comes with a recharging station within the carrying case, so there are no batteries to replace ever.

The SongBird Hearing aid is also incredibly comfortable, users say after a few days they don’t even realize it's still there -- they just hear with a near weightless behind the ear earpiece.

The digital sound amplifier lets users hear all the sounds around them without boosting them too loud.

So try the SongBird Hearing aid today for yourself or whomever you know with hearing problems. Don't spend thousands on a hearing aid when you don't have to.