Smoke AssistAre you trying to stop smoking and want to know what Smoke Assist can do for you? Well, if you want to light up a cig, even in a place that says "No Smoking", you can do so with Smoke Assist. Here's why...


Smoke Assist is an e-cig, which is short for electronic cigarette that does not contain tobacco, nicotine or tar. All the bad elements contained in a cigarette has been taken out, leaving with you with the pleasure of continuing the habit without having any of the adverse and long term harmful effects that cigarette smoking has. When you have got the habit of smoking, you know that one of the most difficult parts of quitting is to lose holding the cigarette and puffing it. What Smoke Assist can do for you is to allow you to continue these movements. E-cigs like Smoke Assist are the only smoking alternatives that you have to quit smoking, but not the habit.

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SmokeassistSmoke Assist looks and feels like the real thing, and what you inhale and puff out is just water vapor. This e-cigarette is made with a stainless steel shell and has a micro-computer control circuit to activate and light up the e-cig when you inhale. There is an atomizer filter that will give you the tobacco flavor as it is connected to the flavor container filter. Smoke Assist has rechargeable batteries and can be used anytime, anywhere as it does not pollute the air like real cigarettes.

Quit your smoking habit the easy way by getting yourself Smoke Assist. It will eliminate the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, the smell of tobacco, and the need to clean up ashtrays. Smoke Assist comes with a 30-day Money-Back guarantee so you have nothing to lose except a bad habit. Say good-bye to ordinary cigarettes and enter the healthy new world of smoking by using Smoke Assist today.