SleeptrackerYour everyday rhythm of life, including your work efficiency or athletic performances, is strictly connected to your sleeping habits. It is common sense that you should sleep at least eight hours every night in order to “function” properly, but the actual amount of time spent sleeping is not the only thing that's needed in order to wake up fully rested. Every person has specific sleeping cycles that are very hard to pin down. Usually, during an 8-hour sleep, you have 5-6 sleep cycles that have the following structure: deep sleep, almost awake moments and deep sleep again. Most of the time, your alarm clock will catch you during a deep sleep phase and you will instinctively go for the snooze button and you will feel tired all day long because your rhythm was disturbed.

The Sleeptracker puts an end to this ordeal. Placed on your wrist before bed time, the device detects your sleep cycles and will wake you up in that brief moment of almost being awake. If you will wake up right then, you will feel rested and ready to start the day. Sleep Tracker is available for both men and women and offers the opportunity to download sleep data stored on the device directly on your PC in order to analyze your sleeping patterns. Sleep Tracker has a vibrating alarm that will wake you up at the optimal moment for your body without bothering anyone else in the room.

Do yourself a big amount of good and order Sleep Tracker today. The device will adapt perfectly to you and your system and will definitely improve your sleeping satisfaction.

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