Sleep-RevolutionWhen we moved we decided to do away with our other bedroom sets, including our beds, and go out and buy all new ones. It seemed like the perfect time to do away with the old, and replace it with all new. We had owned our old beds for years and we decided to take advantage of the move and use it as an opportunity to give ourselves new ones. We wanted to get a bed that would serve many purposes. We wanted to get a good price, comfort, and storage.

While we were shopping around we learned about the Sleep Revolution Bed Frame Spring and we knew that it was exactly what we had been looking for. It replaces your box spring and your frame. This makes it simple to move and takes away the chances of hitting your shin on the corner of the frame when you are walking around your bed. I have had many bruises from our old bed frame, so this was a selling point for me. Another great thing about the Sleep Revolution Bed Frame Spring is that it gives you a lot of storage space under your bed, this is the exact thing that we had been looking for.

Once we got our Sleep Revolution Bed Frame Spring we were very pleased with it. We were able to put a lot of stuff under the bed because it allowed us 14 inches tall of storage. This was very helpful to us since the house that we moved into had a lot less closet space than what we had been used to. We organized our things into boxes and placed them under the bed. This way we could keep the things that we wanted in the house kept away in a place that didn't make our home appear cluttered. I also haven't hit my shin on a bed frame in a long time and that makes me very happy.

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