There is an effective method for losing body fat while sculpting one’s body in as little as six weeks and the entire process is safe and effective. The Six Week Body Makeover designed by fitness expert Michael Thurmond who is a member of the ‘Extreme Team’ on the Extreme Makeover television series. Thurmond was obese as a child but when he joined the military in his late teens and met a bodybuilder, he learned many techniques for his exercise program. Combined with his experimentation with diets during kitchen duty, he designed Six Week Body Makeover. Knowing one’s blueprint, a key technique of this program, is what puts you on the right course for losing weight and taking off those unwanted inches.

Six Week Body Makeover uses a process called Body Blueprinting. This involves answering a simple questionnaire in order to determine how your body reacts to food and determine your metabolism type. This is key to designing a customized body makeover plan for yourself. Anatomically engineered “blueprinting” cards help you determine your exact body type and problem areas. Turn those cards over and you will see a Customized Eating Plan designed to reprogram your metabolism. At the same time, it includes an 18-minute body sculpting routine which directly addresses your problem spots. Finally, you begin your makeover by following the eating plan and exercise routines. There’s no need for you to cut down on eating. You just need to eat the RIGHT foods that will burn your unwanted fat the way your body type reacts to the food.

A complete set of Six Week Body Makeover includes the Quick Start Program (where you will blueprint your body type), Customized Eating Plan (with detailed meal-by-meal plans that work most effectively with your body chemistry to burn fat the fastest way), Customized Recipes (on-program recipes for fat-burning meals), Personalized 18-Minute Body Sculpting Program (your very own exercise routine that targets your problem areas and needs doing twice a week), and a Living Lean Program (a final help tool to incorporate the Six Week Body Makeover into your lifestyle so you stay lean and fit for life.

With Six Week Body Makeover, you get to know how your body ticks, what foods help burn your body fat faster, and get the precise exercises to shave off body inches in the right places. In six weeks, you will be surprised at how your body has changed – for the better.

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