It can be very disconcerting sometimes not to be able to catch conversation or hear what people at a distance are saying. Sometimes medical conditions cause loss of some hearing in younger people but hearing difficulties manifest themselves as people age. Don’t go through life being unable to participate in conversations, listen to movies or the news on TV or just hear normally. There is a hearing aid made by Bell + Howell for both young and adult people that can give you sonic hearing – amplifying sounds up to 90 feet away – the Silver Sonic XL.

At first glance, the Silver Sonic XL looks like a bluetooth headset. The main device covers the ear and has a flexible ear mount that goes around the back of the ear to hold it in place. It easily fits ears of different shapes and sizes and can be worn on the left or right ear. No one needs to know that you are hard of hearing because the Silver Sonic XL does not look at all like the usual hearing aids being offered. Continue doing whatever activities you do because the Silver Sonic XL is so discreet you probably will forget it’s even there. An adjustable volume control on the device allows you to turn the volume up or down easily. It also has a Hi/Low switch to set the intensity of sound which can go up to 50dB of sound amplification.

While the Silver Sonic XL is not FDA-approved like hearing aids are, it is also considerably cheaper, making it more affordable for those whose hearing is not yet that severe but just needs to be amplified. Your order comes with two AG-13 batteries and 3 silicone ear tips though you also have the option of upgrading your order to a rechargeable battery model. A 60-day money back guarantee is also being offered to those who buy the Silver Sonic XL but of course you need to have handy the original packaging and the receipt proving purchase.

Be amazed at how much more you can hear when you use the Silver Sonic XL. Be part of, not apart from, all conversations.

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