I woke up one day and realized that quite a bit of weight had snuck up on me. I stepped on the scale to see that I was 24 pounds heavier then I thought I was. It's a wonder that I have been buying bigger clothes, I really thought that the sizes just varied a lot from label to label. I decided to take charge right then and there and do something to get those pounds off. I joined a gym only to find out that I could never find the time to go, even though I was stuck in a one year contract. I bought workout equipment and watched it get dusty in the garage. One day a friend suggested that I give Shapely Secrets a try.

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I went online and purchased Shapely Secrets just as my friend had suggested. When it arrived I went through it and I was impressed right away with the presentation. They included a lot of little goodies in the package to make weight loss more simple for you and to help to keep you on track. I put the DVD on my entertainment center to give it a try the next morning.

The next morning I woke up and watched the DVD. I did the techniques that it presented. The DVD was easy to follow and the program is simple, this was important to me as I am not a very coordinated person. I didn't weigh myself for a month. I was afraid that I may become discouraged if I didn't see regular weight loss. When I stepped on the scale I was very pleased to see that I had lost ten pounds! I knew that my clothes were fitting looser, but I would have never expected to go clothes shopping that next day and see the results I saw. I went down a whole dress size and that size was almost loose. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to lose weight.

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