Tired of exercising for long hours without seeing much change in the way you look and feel? Without the right exercise program, you will never achieve the shapely body you want.  Shapely Secrets, a complete weight-loss program that uses Diametric Resistance exercises, takes only 7 minutes a day to reshape your whole body. Shapely Secrets delivers quick results to give you a well-sculpted body in no time at all.

Shapely Secrets guarantees the loss of inches, size and pounds without much effort.  On the average, you can lose 1 size and 6 lbs. in 14 days. The secret is in the use of the power of one muscle against another, working five muscle groups at the same time. Called Diametric Resistance exercises, this breakthrough discovery of “motionless exercise” makes your workout a lot faster and 5 times more effective.

In a regular workout, you can create a force to apply against weights. But that is just using one type of muscles. What if you can apply that same force against another muscle? Then you end up working two muscles instead of just one. And it works 5 muscle groups at the same time. That is how Shapely Secrets works - it uses force of one muscle against another muscle! Just a few exercises is all it takes to work on your entire body.

You could simply stand still and motionless and Shapely Secrets will continue to work for you.  It sculpts your whole body so you get a slim and shapely figure in just 7 minutes, as compared to 30-35 minutes of workout in a gym to achieve the same kind of workout.

For every order you make, you get the following:

  • 2 Videos (VHS/DVD)
  • Motivational Audio CD
  • Full color program booklet
  • Shapely Makeover Secrets booklet
  • Sand timer
  • Measuring tape
  • Designer make-up bag
  • FREE trial sample of Essential Boost Fat-Burning Multivitamins

Learn the secrets of motionless exercise and how to tone and tighten muscles by targeting the entire body.  A few exercises are all you need - no running, no jumping and no impact! In recent university studies where participants used the Shapely Secrets program, results showed that they lost 75-80% of pure body fat- not water, not muscle, but pure body fat!!!  You too can watch those inches melt away and lose pounds as you drop an entire pant or dress size faster than you ever thought possible! Of course, as with any exercise program, you need to consult your physician first.

Now you can stop worrying about counting calories and not having time to do endless exercises. Let Shapely Secrets transform your life and get you the body you’ve always wanted in just 7 minutes a day. Achieve and maintain weight control now and for the rest of your life. Join the millions of women who continue to use Shapely Secrets and see a new you next time you look in the mirror.