the shake weightThe infomercials are everywhere about the Shake Weight, and the users really seem to like the effects.

Using the Shake Weight system is incredibly easy. All you have to do is hold it in one hand or both and simply shake it. The weight has a spring action on both sides so the workout is shaking and holding the item in its place. The device is for the upper body and is designed to work your arms, shoulders, and chest muscles easily.

Instead of blowing all that money on the gym and sweating with a bunch of oldies, you can get in great shape at home without all the hassle. And when you're done, you can just stow the Shake Weight under the couch, or in a drawer -- it's that small.

It's easy to bring on vacation too, so you don't come home feeling like a fatty.

Watch the Shake Weight Commercial Video As Seen On Tv

It looks a little strange to use, but it really is super simple. You just shake it, the momentum of the device shakes back -- keeping your abs, arms, chest, shoulders and all those muscles in between working hard. Just keep shaking it until you're tired and you'll feel great and get trim in no time.

So stop wasting money on the gym buy Shake Weight and start saving and slimming down.